invites you to discover the world with IDEM as your starting point.

With, Heidi Wood uses her artwork to show you dozens of cities from all over the planet, with others soon to come. Each city is reduced to an image or sign invented by the artist. Click on the sign of a city on the homepage and you find a map as well as all the drawings that she worked with to make that picture.

To make an image of a city, the artist always uses the same method. First, she draws a series of objects in the museums she visits. Back in the studio, she meticulously refines these first drafts. The city’s visual identity emerges from these steps as an image that she thinks concentrates its historical and cultural characteristics. The image comes from two drawings that merge and overlap. One is a colored shape. The other is a line drawing.

Since 2009, Heidi Wood has been working on a visual inventory of her travels. This subjective picture book slowly traces a symbolic map of her urban wanderings. The ongoing project is called Museums of the World and the website that you are exploring is entirely devoted to documenting it. Just like the project itself, is IDEM’s virtual interface with the vast world. It is a permanent window on Earth’s inexhaustible potential for discovery and exploration.

From the website, we come to the site of the school. Among the suggested destinations, 18 were chosen to become 18 real milestones implanted on the IDEM grounds. These steel and enamel structures are like frontal, vertical signposts that, with their strange symbolism, conjure up the charm and magic of countries, near and far, that are yours to discover.